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Paris is located in the heart of Ile-de-France region which has a fairly temperate climate. Extremes of temperature are rare. January and February are the coldest months with the average minimum temperature around zero degree Celsius. Winters can be quite chilly though snow is rare. Even if it snows, it melts fairly quickly. Showers are quite likely any time of the year though more frequent in late Spring and in October. Summers are mild to moderately warm in temperature. July and August are the hottest months with the average maximum around 25°C.

The division of season is observed in France.

Spring: 21st March- 21st June

Summer: 21st June- 21st September

Autumn: 21st September- 21st December

Winter: 21st December- 21st March


  • If you are traveling during Winters, it is advisable to carry an overcoat, pullover and thermal inner wear. Gloves and mufflers are equally indispensable.

  • Even though Parisian Spring and Summer are fairly mild, evenings can be a bit cold or windy. It is recommended to carry a light sweater or jacket.

  • Paris has a reputation for unpredictable rains any time of the year, a folding umbrella is a good thing to carry.