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This section is aimed at offering you an understanding of France and the French culture. Prospective students and residents to France may get to learn a few things too even though some examples are given from a corporate point of view. While the articles in general are applicable to everyone irrespective of their national identity or affiliation, throughout this section, 'we' would represent the Indian national identity for simplicity's sake.


When confronted with people different from whom we are accustomed to being with, we are faced with an internal assessment. We try to solve the human puzzle in front of us, decode the various stereotypes in order to understand or work better with them. The difference of 'us' v/s 'them' lies in our thinking and behaviour pattern which sets one national identity apart from others. This is called as stereotyping. Can you think of some stereotypes associated with India- do Taj Mahal, Bollywood, spirituality, spicy food, elephants, cows, beggars in the streets, or more recently, a 'Slumdog Millionnaire' do justice to representing one sixth of the world's population?


While the answer to that question is a vehement 'no', unfortunately, Indians have to deal with such stereotypes of India, be it in their professional lives or social settings, while interacting with 'westerners'. What are some of the stereotypes associated with your country?


Some of the pitfalls of this stereotyping on either part is a lack of common ground or platform for both parties to act from. This might lead to a lack of understanding, development of frustration, distrust, loss of productivity and not to mention, the loss of opportunity to learn about our own selves while working with others.


You probably already have or will have some experience of interacting in multi-cultural groups in schools, social settings, multinational companies or cross-functional groups made up of different nationalities. What is the key to communicating and working effectively with people who do not think or act like 'we' do?



This set is designed to help you familiarize yourself with France vis-a-vis your own country, the working environment, specifics of culture in addition to several useful links for doing business in France.

  1. France and India at a Glance

  2. Questions and Answers

  3. Decoding French Culture

  4. Bilateral Business Relations with France

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